We want our four-year-olds to love learning at Guidance Academy.  Our K4 program emphasizes movement, coordination, social and emotional development, as well as building a Muslim identity and establishing awareness of Allah (SWT) as our Creator.

Below is a sample of what you can expect your four-year-old kindergartener to learn at Guidance Academy.

Movement and Coordination

Physical Attention and Relaxation

Gross Motor Skills

Group Games

Social and Emotional Development

Autonomy & Social Skills (“I can do it by myself”, “I can share”, “I use good manners.”)

Work Habits


Patterns and Classification

Geometry and Measurement

Numbers and Number Sense

Addition and Subtraction (concrete objects)


Science (Learning About the Creation of Allah)

Human, Animal, and Plant Characteristics

Physical Elements (Air, Water, Light)

Introduction to Magnetism

Seasons and Weather

Language and Literacy Development

Nursery Rhymes, Poems, and Fingerplays

Oral Language

Listening to Read-Alouds

Developing a Sense of Rhyme

Print Awareness

Phonemic Awareness

Fine Motor Skills

Visual Arts

Attention to Visual Detail

Exploration and Creation Art Appreciation